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Innovative Application for the Future of Biz & Industries

Our world is facing a great change in health, environment and socio-economic landscape— What innovative solution can tech innovators develope for solving…

【Tech-is-Cool Social Mixer】InsurTech is Hot! Integrate Blockchain, A.I. & 5G to Create New FinTech Opportunities

Traditional insurance industry has lived with different pain points and not been able to catch-up with customers’ expectations in some way, how do YAS “MicroInsurance” address them with new products and new business thinkings?

【Tech-is-Cool Social Mixer】Impact of NFT: How to Relate with Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Culture & Art and New Business Application in Metaverse

MOVE Network是全港首個NFT孵化平台,提供數碼藝術品拍賣、播放影音短片及數碼貨幣錢包等功能。在2021年獲得150萬美元種子輪融資,用作平台開發及開拓全球市場。

【Tech is Cool】OpenRice : How to Have Product & Tech Innovation in e-commerce & e-Platform

這麼多年來,關於餐廳的資訊內容、訂檯訂服務、用家意見參考與分享、外賣預訂等等,都是pain points痛點多多和地雷處處,而Openrice運作了廿多年,每一階段都夠解決了一些餐廳(服務提供者)和顧客(終極用戶)的需要問題,才是成為霸主的真正原因

【Tech is Cool Social Mixer】Insight of Integrating Tech & Biz Model

We think Tech is Cool, and all tech entrepreneurs and technical people definitely think tech is important as it is shaping things around us.