Star Entrepreneurs and How to be Game-Changers to Change the World

Nov 15, 2018

This event is part of Cyberport’s GEW 2018


Speaker Keith Tsa-01 Keith Tsa, Director & Co-founder, AppTask
Speaker Arthur Chan_工作區域 1 Arthur Chan, Director & Founder, SagaDigits
Speaker Ashley Tang Ashley Tang, CEO & Co-founder, DOTT
Speaker Tonio Shum-01 Tonio Shum, CEO , CoolJobz / HKGoodJobs

Date: 15th Nov, 2018 (Thursday)

Time: 7:00 pm

Venue: InnoSpace, 2/F., On Tin Centre, 1 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong

Language: Cantonese, English



Star Entrepreneurs and the Digital Biz Eco-system in Asia (13th Nov – 7:00pm)

Sam Ngan, CEO, MemePR, / Shelton Li, Chairman, Pakpobox / Felix Wong, Co-founder, LOGFLOWS / Robert Liu

CEO, YinTran / Jack Chen, COO, HEYCOINS

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Star Entrepreneurs and Community Engagement in Asia

Sam Ng, COO, Vfluencer / Chris Chan, Co-founder, e-banner / Randal Hung, CEO , GrowthSpot / Mathew Tam, CEO, Social Career / Terence Lin, Executive Director, / Eugene Chan, Digital Strategist

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About E2 

E2 (Entrepreneur Square) is the forerunner crossover platform of the technology and social sectors in Hong Kong. It aims at encouraging entrepreneurs to collaborate and create crossover innovative ideas, products and different types of entrepreneurship so that ultimately entrepreneurs can achieve both goals of creating innovative tech products and solving social problems with social innovation.

Also, E2 helps extend the entrepreneurs’ horizons therefore they can become innovators and inventors of products and services that cover a wide spectrum of business, social and cultural needs.

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