ICE Days 2016: A 5-day Sharing Marathon!

Jan 25, 2016
Jeffrey Chung


5 Days sharing marathon!

18 speakers, innovators and entrepreneurs!

The vibrant Hong Kong startup ecosystem has been growing fast and strong. To celebrate and showcase the startup ecosystem, InvestHK is organizing the 2016 StartmeupHK Festival on 23-30 January, focusing on four areas including HealthTech, Internet of Things (IoT), Fintech and Data Analytics.

Incu-Lab will organize Incu-Lab ICE Days in the week. Incu-Lab ICE Days is an idea and experience sharing marathon about innovation and entrepreneurship, to let local and global change-makers to understand more about the rapid development of the startup scene in HK and Asia.

Join now!

Our schedule and starry speaker list (NEW! see speaker bio below!):

Jan 25 (Monday): Entrepreneurship Experience and Building a Startup

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: G/F Classroom 3, InnoCenter, Kowloon Tong

  • Raymond Yip (Seasoned Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor)
  • Kevin Shee (CEO & Founder, The SC Storage)
  • William Yu (CEO, World Green Organisation)
  • Molly Fong (Assistant Manager, Market & Business Development, Hong Kong Mortgage Corp.)
Jan 26 (Tuesday): Social Innovation and Impact

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: G/F Classroom 3, InnoCenter, Kowloon Tong

  • Ryan Yeung (Founder, Happy Retired)
  • Antony Wong, (Co-Founder, Around)
  • Danny Chan, (Founder, Praisage)
Jan 27 (Wednesday): Growing a Big Digital Consulting Firm

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: G/F Classroom 3, InnoCenter, Kowloon Tong

  • Alvin Lam (Founder & Group CEO, Pacificlink)
  • Jeff Ng (Co-Founder and Executive Director, Guru Online)
Jan 28 (Thursday): Smart HK Innovation

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Room 602, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Wan Chai

  • Wan-leung Wong (TinyBoy 3D Printer)
  • Bernard Shek (Digital Director, Duud)
  • Himphen Hui (Co-Founder, Collaction)
  • Daniel Cheng (VP of Technology Services, Jaarvis Labs)

Jan 29 (Friday): Creating both Startup and Impact

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: PwC, 21/F, Edinburgh Tower, Central

  • Joyce Kan (Co-Founder, Carshare)
  • Aaron Pang (City Director, Easy Van / lalaMove)
  • Ray Wong (Founder, Flyer King)
  • Keith Tsa (Director & Co-Founder, Apptask)
  • Jamie Chiu (CEO & Psychologist, LULIO)

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Speaker Bio

Monday (Jan 25) on Entrepreneurship and Startups


Raymond Yip (Seasoned Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor)

Raymond has managed product design and engineering for Fortune 500 companies between the U.S. and Asia during an extensive career in technology. Raymond is also a UI/UX designer. He has launched a multitude of products including e-commerce, web/mobile apps, social network and Facebook applications in the past. Most recently, he was a Co-founder and CEO of Shopline, a localised e-commerce company based in Hong Kong. Raymond is an alumnus of the global accelerator 500 Startups in Silicon Valley and was also a winner at Startup Weekend. As an entrepreneur based in Hong Kong, he regularly advises young startups on fundraising, team building and how to turn local ideas into companies with a cross-border impact via technology. He is also a big proponent of entrepreneurship for university students in shaping the future of Hong Kong.

Kevin Shee

Kevin Shee (CEO & Founder, The SC Storage)

Kevin Shee introduced the mini storage concept to Hong Kong, launching SC Storage in 2001. Today it is the biggest storage service provider in Hong Kong, more than 18,000 rooms in 65 different locations providing a wide variety of collateral services including transportation, mail delivery and small offices.

In 2009, Kevin Shee won the Innovative Entrepreneur Award, he also won the Young Entrepreneur Award of DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards in 2011. In 2015, Mr. Kevin She becomes President of Innovative Entrepreneur Association.



William Yu

William Yu (CEO, World Green Organisation)

Dr. William Yu is Chief Executive Officer of World Green Organisation (WGO). Dr. Yu is an energy economist and climate professional by training and completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge as well as earned an Executive MBA degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in the U.S. Additionally, Dr. Yu has gained valuable regional management experience by working at US multinationals. He is currently the Adjunct Professor of the City University of Hong Kong, Adjunct Associate Professor, The School of Management and Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Honorary Corporate Adjunct Professor of the Shanghai University.

Currently, Dr. Yu is the Task Force Member of The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Business Advisory Council (EBAC) of United Nations. He sits on the Energy Advisory Committee and the sub-committee on Food Reduction Good Practices in Institutions and Commercial and Industrial Establishments, Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign under the Environment Bureau, Hong Kong SAR government. He is also a member in the working group of Sustainability Charter, Hong Kong and Malmo, Sweden. Dr. Yu is a member of the expert panel on Industry Standards and Research under The Hong Kong Green Building Council. He belongs to the Project Management Committee to oversee the CarbonSmart Program in collaboration with four key Chambers of Commerce supported by Environment & Conservation Fund. Dr. Yu has served as Board of Director of Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analyst.

Dr. William Yu is the former Head of the Climate Programme at WWF-Hong Kong and responsible for leading both public and business engagement programmes. Dr. Yu was also a member of the support group for the climate project under the Council for Sustainable Development and the Waste Recovery Projects Vetting Sub-committee under the Environment and Conservation Fund. He writes articles for multiple newspapers on the low carbon economy, low carbon city, social innovation and energy poverty. He was a co-host for an environmental program on numerous TV and Radio Channels.



Molly Fong (Assistant Manager, Market & Business Development, Hong Kong Mortgage Corp.)

Molly is a representative of the Marketing and Business Development Department of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited. She is responsible for promoting the Corporation’s Microfinance Scheme to enhance public awareness of it.


Tuesday (Jan 26) on Social Innovation and Impact



Ryan Yeung (Founder, Happy Retired)

Ryan Yeung is the Co-Founder and CEO of Happy-Retired. Happy-Retired (2015 ICT Awards Winner) connects baby-boomers through Information and Communication Technology and empower them to retire with fun and social good.

Antony Wong

Antony Wong, (Co-Founder, Around)

Antony is the co-founder of Around, a neighbourhood-based home concierge tool and community network. He began the startup journey because he is eager to create impact to the society by coming up new products and services. Other than Around, Antony has also co-founded Social Career, which is a non-profit organization that makes use of technology to encourage more sustainable social involvement by the general public through knowledge-based volunteering. He is also a founding member of Golden Age Foundation which aims to turn Hong Kong into a smart ageing city.

Danny Chan

Danny Chan, (Founder, Praisage)

Prior to creating the award-winning platform,, which is now the world’s first platform of praise, Danny was engaged in a variety of leadership roles across diverse industries: from tourism to branding, and from people development to public relations.

In response to what he experienced as an emerging corporate culture dominated by complaint driven reaction, he forgone his management role in CLP Power (HK) Ltd. and committed himself to developing a platform through which he could champion and promote a somewhat contradictory culture of praise, and lead a transformation in organizational behavior.

Since 2012, Danny has nurtured over 3,000 appreciative leaders for organizations in Asia.  His creative, interactive and integration of Chinese and Western philosophies delivery had earned him in average 9 out of 10 evaluation scores from participants.  Appreciative clients of Praisage include MTR, Hong Kong Resort International, Swire Travel, Mannings, CLP Power (HK), CSL, Cyberport, Prudential, Quiksilver and Jeanwest (PRC).

Danny was graduated in Sydney with double majors in Tourism Management and Marketing.  He is now a frequent guest lecturer of the City University of Hong Kong (Dept. of Media and Communication, Dept. of Management).


Wednesday (Jan 27) on Digital Marketing


Alvin Lam (Founder & Group CEO, Pacificlink)

Alvin Lam, Founder and Group CEO of PacificLink iMadia Group, an independent set of full service digital agencies in Hong Kong, has recently succeeded in leading his company to join Accenture, a multinational management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing giant. The move is expected to significantly boost Accenture’s digital marketing and commerce capabilities in Greater China, helping CMOs and CIOs bridge the gap between marketing and digital technologies in growing region.

As Founder of PacificLink and a guru of digital marketing, Alvin will share with us his successful experience and insights in setting a venture in Hong Kong in the past decade. With his passion in daring to be different and lead the way in digital marketing across Asia, he will reveal to us the endless transformational possibilities that digital could offer!

最近,PacificLink iMadia Group 創辦人兼集團行政總裁 Alvin Lam 成功帶領他的公司加盟 Accenture。PacificLink Group 是一家提供全套數碼服務的獨立組合,而 Accenture 是一家管理諮詢、信息技術和業務流程外判的跨國巨擎。 預計今次的合併將為 Accenture 大大提升在大中華區的數碼營銷及商務能力,促進 CMOs 和 CIOs 融合營銷及數碼科技。

作為 PacificLink 的創辦人和一位數碼營銷達人,Alvin 將分享他創業的成功之道。他的敢於不同、發展亞洲地區的熱情, 為我們展現數碼如何創造無限個不可能!


Jeff Ng Headshot

Mr. Jeff Ng (Co-founder and Executive Director of Guru Online)

Mr. Jeff Ng, Executive director and Cofounder of Guru Online (Holdings) Limited (HK Stock code 8121), has more than 10 years of management experience in directing as many as 200 employees in companies. With deep financial and marketing knowledge, Mr. Ng has led the company from start-up to a listed and award winning digital marketing company. The company is awarded by “Digital Agency of the Year” as the only agency ranking Top 3 consecutively from 2012 to 2014 in Hong Kong, and it has been serving over a hundred of multinational and blue chip companies in the Greater China including L’Oréal, P&G, Cathay Pacific, CLP etc. Mr. Ng is also a social entrepreneur who founded the Home of the Elderly Consultancy Limited ( which has won “HSBC Living Business Award” in 2008 and “Make a Difference Award” in 2011.

Among his significant previous positions, Mr. Ng served as a vetting committee member of Hong Kong Business Angel Network and is past president of the Junior Chamber International (Peninsula) Hong Kong.

Mr. Ng holds a Bachelor of Economics at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania and subsequently worked at McKinsey & Company.



伍致豐先生為上市公司Guru Online (香港上市編號: 8121)之創辦人之一。憑其敏銳的金融觸角及豐富的管理經驗,伍先生成功帶領Guru Online 成為市場的領導者。Guru Online連續三年被授予「Digital Agency of the Year」,並已服務超過500個世界知名品牌及藍籌公司,包括歐萊雅,寶潔,國泰航空,中電等。此外,伍先生亦是「長者家」之創辦人。於2005年成立至今,「長者家」已服務逾一萬五千個家庭,並於「匯豐營商新動力獎勵計劃」中榮獲綠寶石的殊榮。此外,伍先生曾擔任香港天使投資脈絡的審查委員會成員,並於二零一四年擔任半島青年商會會長。伍先生畢業於賓夕法尼亞大學華頓商學院,隨後於麥肯錫公司任職。

Thursday (Jan 28) on Smart Hong Kong


Wan-leung Wong (Founder, TinyBoy 3D Printer)

As Co-Founder of TinyBoy 3D Printer, Co-Founder of Linkomnia Ltd., Vice-President of Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association (HKCOTA) and Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG), Wan-leung has over 10 years experience with support of communities in Hong Kong with Open Source Technologies, F/OSS and Linux.
At hands-on user meetings and workshops, newbies and developers can know how F/OSS or new open technologies could use in their projects such as virtualisation, backend services, monitoring system, open source hardware, DIY gateway and so on…

Bernard Shek

Bernard Shek (Co-Founder and Digital Director, Duud)

Bernard is an innovative entrepreneur, also a seasoned digital marketing professional with over eight years of expertise in client service and strategic digital planning for wide range of clients, spanning from FMCG, financial, airlines, telecommunications, to name a few. He’s fascinated by the latest technology trends and always try to implement it towards his work.

Himphen 2

Himphen Hui (Co-Founder, Collaction)

Himphen is a co-founder and software engineer of Collaction. He believed in “Write the code. Change the world and hence is passionate about all things of code and design. The #1 goal is: Keeping Collaction as simple as possible for people to inspire each other, share resources and collaborate effectively.



Daniel Cheng

Daniel Cheng (VP of Technology Services, Jaarvis Labs)

Daniel Cheng has more than 6 years experience helping Internet and mobile startups launch products in Hong Kong and US, and is an expert on product management, UIUX, creative, business development.

Products launched by Daniel includes, the leading medical portal in Hong Kong, and Purpella, a social lifestyle magazine for college students in US. He was also the Co-founder of StartupsHK, the pioneering startup community for Hong Kong.

Daniel is currently working with Jaarvis Labs, an innovative startup accelerator based in Hong Kong, to collaborate with corporates, SMEs in traditional industries, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to re-invent business models by helping them embrace and develop disruptive technologies.

He holds M.S. degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Friday (Jan 29) on Startup and Impact

Joyce Kan 2

Joyce Kan (Co-Founder, Carshare)

Joyce is responsible for business development and marketing at, a peer to peer carsharing platform which operates in Hong Kong and China.  Collaborating with a global car manufacturer, she launches the first electric car-sharing ambassador campaign in Asia.  Prior to joining, she has work experience in Lane Crawford e-commerce department. She holds a degree in Economics from University of London. She loves consumer web and online communities, and has always wanted to build a startup since young.  During her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing and wake boarding.  She is also an organizer of Startup Weekend Hong Kong.


Aaron Pang (City Director, Easy Van / lalaMove)

Aaron is currently Head of Hong Kong for EasyVan by lalamove, a multinational start-up founded in Hong Kong which have raised $20M USD since late 2013. He is responsible for improving business performance and elevating growth in a key market for South-East Asia.

Aaron has spent his career leading teams and consulting corporate and SMEs on change management in Australia and Hong Kong. His entrepreneurship and breadth of functional experience spanning across Business Development, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Project Management and Information Technology, makes him an all-round leader.

Aaron was formerly the founder of a trading business, a customer of EasyVan and fate brought the two together. Prior to that, Aaron worked as senior consultants at IBM and Hay Group where he led advisory services on change management and talent strategies.

Before that, Aaron spent his time in Australia, taking on managerial roles in consultancies and SMEs responsible for project implementation and business transformation strategies.

Aaron volunteered as project advisor at Asian Charity Services from 2012 – 2015. He graduated from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia with an MBA, and University of New South Wales, with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management.


Ray Wong

Ray Wong (Founder, Flyer King)


Keith Tsa

Keith Tsa (Managing Director & Co-Founder, Apptask)

Keith Tsa – Managing Director and Co-Founder of AppTask. Keith has been in the ICT industry for 20 years and instrumental in leading the company to become one of HK’s premiere software house specialized in mobile enterprise application development. Keith is also a serial entrepreneur with successful experience in managing startups in HK, China and U.S. He is also Vice President of TeamNote Inc., with primary business in the research and development of “TeamNote”,HK’s first instant messaging mobile app in enterprise world.

Keith specializes in product development and IT service delivery. Previously he had served in the HKSAR’s OGCIO as Product Manager and Stepstone Solutions (now Lumesse) as Greater China’s Principal Consultant. He had also spent 7 years in JobsDB.COM serving in several senior management roles, including Head of the Product Team and IT Service Team.

Keith received an MBA from University of Texas and a BSc in Information Systems Management from University of Massachusetts.



Jamie Chiu (Psychologist and CEO, LULIO)

Jamie Chiu is on a mission to inspire teens, help them find purpose and belonging.

Jamie was born in Hong Kong, spent her childhood in Ghana, and her teens in Australia, where she had difficulty adapting and felt isolated, leading to struggles with anxiety and poor self-esteem.

Now as a psychologist and school counsellor, she wants to make sure that support is always available for teens who are struggling.

In 2012, she co-created a positive youth development service where her team delivers in-school programmes and support for at-risk teens across Hong Kong.

However, she began to realise that in-person psychological services are limited in scale, leaving many students’ needs unmet. To address this, Jamie founded LULIO in 2015 to create technology that makes psychology scalable by gamifying a proven group counselling program she created and developing a video game that detects suicide risk through gameplay behaviour analysis.



Sunny Wong (Technology Manager, MVP Sailor)

Sunny is the technology manager of MVP Sailor and he has extensive software development and client servicing experience. Graduating from the Dual Degree Program in Computer Engineering and Business Administration at HKUST, Sunny has spent his last five years working for an European hedge fund in charge of the technology and trading operation. Prior to that, Sunny has worked in J.P. Morgan and Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Sunny has previously developed software applications for program trading, real-time data analysis and mobile devices.