Oct 28, 2017


ICE PITCH @ FinTech 2017 pitching night and speakers’ insight sharing was held at the InnoCentre on the 31 Oct 2017.

Hosted by Incu-Lab in partnership with InvestHK and Hong Kong Science Park. InvestHK organized the Hong Kong FinTech Week to showcase the city’s vibrant FinTech ecosystem, and the FinTech Education Week promotes programmes from Universities in Hong Kong, cultivate a thriving FinTech ecosystem in universities and incubate a pool of talents to satisfy the upcoming needs for the FinTech industry. We are proud to be part of the festivities and do our part in the contributing to the FinTech and startup community.

This year, ICE PITCH@ FinTech 2017 has a diverse range of startups that are developing FinTech solutions relating to cybersecurity, crypto-currencies, data-analytics, blockchain and machine learning. The hackathon was designed to encourage the teams to exchange ideas through open discussion among each other, and with the help of the mentors, the teams are able to seek valuable advice to move their startups to the next level.

During the Hackathon on Oct 27-28, the teams exchange ideas through group discussion and further improve their respective pitching deck. 6 mentors and a speaker with the backgrounds in FinTech, data technology, IoT and Mobility solutions, property development, business services and social innovation offered their insights and advice to further improve the teams startup strategies.

Incu-Lab would like to extend our gratitude to our mentors and speakers, we would like to congratulate all the teams who participated in the event. Five awards were presented: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Biggest Impact and Most Popular voted by the audience.

Gold Award – Planto

Planto is an Asia focused financial data aggregator that integrations with bank, credit card and investment accounts. Our vision is to organize your personal financial information and make it useful towards more personalized and efficient financial services. Planto provides account aggregation as a paid API to businesses and will be launching a financial management mobile application in Hong Kong that integrates all accounts in one place and helps stay on your expenses and other aspects of finances.


Silver Award – QUICKER

QUICKER targets to solve the problem of people spending unnecessary time waiting in line to order food. With QUICKER, people can use their smart phones to SEE MENU, ORDER, PAY and BE NOTIFIED when the food is ready for pick up. QUICKER is a platform for all restaurants! It can be applied in food courts, canteens, fast food shops, street snack shops and even dine-in restaurants. It is designed to fit into operations with MINIMAL integration. Wait Less, Live More!


Bronze Award – WeCareBill

WeCareBIll is an AI Answer Robot about medical costs. We analyze medical bills contributed from patient anonymously, and establish a self-serviced chatbot to help patients to learn about the medical costs and choices before treatments. We are an InsurTech Social Enterprise. Our Mission is to improve patients’ choices by enhancing price transparency of medical treatments. The founder is an Actuary with start-up experience. The team understands the pain points in Hong Kong health care ecosystem. The platform challenges the status quo of some of the unreasonable medical practices, especially unnecessary treatments for insurance-covered patients. Transparent medical bill would help to slow down the increase of health insurance premium rates, making it affordable. It will alleviate the burden of the public health hospital, making health care more accessible in Hong Kong.


Biggest Impact Award – WeCareBill


Most Popular by Audience Award – Shopway

Shopway stands on the cutting edge of Fintech with its combination of machine learning and location positioning. Artificial intelligence of machine learning helps gain insights of consumer’s purchasing pattern, needs and interests. Location positioning, on the other hand, creates a unique user experience by offering real-time and precise mapping. Our team combines business talent and computer science experts. We are committed to revolutionizing your shopping experience.


Special thanks to:

Charles Ng, Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, InvestHK


Alan Yip, Co-founder and Managing Director, Guru Online

Arthur Chan, Director, SagaDigits

Anson Suen, Co-founder and CEO, FundPark

Jack Chen, General Manger, HEYCOINS

Blake Larson, Managing Director of International, lalalmove

Eugene Chan, Lecturer, digital and social media, HKU


Kevin Shee, CEO & Founder, The SC Storage

Rafal Czerniawski, Co-founder and CEO, IC Studio

Johnson Yim, CEO, E-Business Solutions

Arthur Chan, Director, SagaDigits

Winson Kwok, Business Development Specialist, Corporate Hub

Dialogue with Entrepreneur Speaker

Edwin Lee, Founder and CEO, Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management

2017 ICE FinTech Poster - Pitch Night