IOTA Social Mixer: IoT Application at Hong Kong International Airport

Aug 02, 2018

IoT is related to various kinds of innovation, industries and life segments. In order to make things to be interconnected via internet, we need to have all people to join hand and make it work. Therefore IOTA likes to host regular IOTA Social Mixer, to create a warm and friendly social mixer setting for experts, providers, users and investors from different sectors and professions to mingle and to chitchat. Exchanging views and dialogue is the basic step to make IoT click~~

Date:      2nd Aug, 2018 (Thursday)

Time:     7:00pm

Venue:  (now the venue is changed to the Wanchai space)

              WeWork, 10/F, Mass Mutual Tower, 33 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Guest Sharing:

IoT Application at Hong Kong International Airport

Speaker Andrew Chan
Andrew Pui-fung Chan

Manager, IT (Planning and Innovation), Hong Kong International Airport

Andrew has been working for the projects of Airport Authority Hong Kong for 10 years. He works in the IT innovation team to execute innovation projects with robotics experts, technology pioneers, industries consultants and aviation communities to enhance airport operation efficiency and passenger experience.

About Hong Kong Internet of Things Alliance


IoT intelligence enables a better world through innovations and industries revitalization.


  1. Create an active and closely collaborating IoT Community in Hong Kong through:
    • Providing a platform for IoT Solution Developers & Providers enabling easier collaboration, resource seeking and integration.
    • Providing a platform for IoT Users enabling better experiencing and understanding of IoT innovations and their applications.
    • Promoting and facilitating IoT innovations adoption in traditional industries and services.
  2. Connect local IoT Community to other IoT-relevant Communities around the globe.
  3. Promote IoT in general public and help cultivate IoT talents for future of Hong Kong.