HK Development & Transformation Series – Development, Trends and Innovation in Hong Kong’s Housing and Property Market

Apr 15, 2024

This event is postpone to Jun or Jul, 2024

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Engagement Evening
HK Development & Transformation Series

The world’s economic and social situation is ever-changing. As one of Asia’s international financial, commercial and professional service centres, how should Hong Kong adjust, despite its advantages and good circumstances in the past decades, to face challenges of industrial transformation, competition of Asian cities, the epidemic, changes in human talents, technology development, etc.?

We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to come and engage in dialogue, and explore various possibilities for Hong Kong’s development and transformation together!

Development, Trends and Innovation in Hong Kong’s Housing and Property Market

Insight Sharing

Wing-ching Shih 施永青

– Founder, Centaline Property

– Founder, AM730

– Member, Hong Kong Housing Authority


Event Detail


Free of charge if showing up. Need to put deposit HKD100

– Purpose: To avoid no show and waste of seat and opportunity

  1. Attendee can get back the deposit after attending and finishing the event
  2. If the registered person does not show up, the deposit will not be returned

Date: Jun or Jul, 2024

Time: TBC

Venue: TBC


– Sharing: Cantonese

– Dialogue & Q&A: Cantonese, English & Mandarin

Remark: Refreshments will be provided at the event




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