ICT Awards 2019 – Smart Mobility Award

Jan 18, 2019
ICT Awards 2019 – Smart Mobility Award
Call For Entry Now! Deadline : 18 Jan, 2019 (Noon Time)

The Smart Mobility Hong Kong Award aims to encourage the development and adoption of Smart Transportation, Smart Logistics and Smart Tourism applications promoting a smart city development with a more convenient environment for tourists and citizens.

3 Award Streams:

1) Smart Transportation

Transportation is an important pillar for every citizen in a city. Smart technology can be leveraged to improve transportation experience and convenience for user. Connected vehicles, alternate fuel vehicles, autonomous vehicles, car pooling, smart parking, smart traffic devices, upgrading airport into a smart airport through automation, mobility, personalisation and self-service are some of the examples of how smart transport can create a seamless, passenger-centric travel experience while minimising the impact on environment.

2) Smart Logistics


Smart Logistics is about improving the supply chain, shifting from traditional supply chains to open supply networks, together with integration of new technologies in managing the goods movement, inventory, warehousing, handling, packaging and security of goods between the point of origin and the final recipient, no matter whether the means of transportation is by land, by sea, or multi-modal, so as to achieve end-to-end supply chain efficiency and visibility.

3) Smart Tourism

Smart technologies are changing consumer experiences and are generating creative tourism business models. Big data, mobile apps, location-based services, geo-tag services, facial recognition, beacon technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and social networking services are all cutting-edge examples of smart technologies enhancing the tourism experiences and services. Smart tourism allows tourists to better communicate and interact with and in cities to establish closer relationships with not only residents but also local businesses, local government and city attractions.


Benefits to Applicants:

Both winners and companies submitted applications can gain solid marketing exposure from the award! Simply submit your applications to enjoy the following key benefits offered to Smart Mobility applicants only:

  • Media exposure : 

Post-event advertorials featuring the submitted cases  in the major ICT related magazine(s)

  • ICT Award HK Website: 

The cases and solutions ofparticipating companies  will be listed on GS1 HK’s website

  • Exposure on Industry leading magazine “Business Connect”

The submitted cases will be covered in GS1 HK’s  quarterly “Business Connect” magazine in 2019

  • “Smart City” Zone @ GS1 HK IoT Centre : 

The submitted cases will be showcased in the “Smart City” Zone of GS1 HK IoT Centre




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