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HK Development & Transformation Series – Hong Kong Shipping & Logistics Industry: Strategy & Innovative Development for The Future

Hong Kong Shipping & Logistics Industry: Strategy & Innovative Development for The Future

HK Development & Transformation Series – Path of Hong Kong’s ESG: Development and Impact of Environmental Innovation Industry and Carbon Trading

The emergence of the carbon trading market can help companies and organizations have a buffer period in the early days of environmental protection effort, and help them gradually manage and implement the details and pace of carbon reduction in their operation, ultimately achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. – Could this enable Hong Kong to develope into a key market and progressive concept platform for environmental protection and international carbon trading, thus consolidate Hong Kong’s status as an international financial, trade and cultural centre?

Hong Kong Development & Transformation Series – Hong Kong DNA and Hong Kong Branding: Aspects of Competitive Advantage and Innovation Development

Globalization has caused the current situation to move at a high speed, and the interaction between political, economic and social conditions has caused social development and people’s lives to be affected by a large number of factors, can Hong Kong find out her brightness and special positioning in the world in the face of the potential reverse transformation of globalization?


The world’s economic and social situation is ever-changing. As one of Asia’s international financial, commercial and professional service centres, how should Hong Kong adjust, despite its advantages and good circumstances in the past decades, to face challenges of industrial transformation, competition of Asian cities, the epidemic, changes in human talents, technology development, etc.?

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) – Incubating Tech Startups in Asia: How to make innovative companies successful

Startup Event at a Glance   Join the HKTDC Electronics Fair to stay ahead with the latest trends and meet our game-changing…

【文創工業評論】AI複製孫燕姿歌聲「演唱」- 人類的情感思考表達還有意義?

孫燕姿,談自己的聲音被AI 復製去唱不同的歌,話中表達了無奈之意。有好心的歌迷安慰說,孫唱歌的情感,AI學不來。但孫的文章,其實已指出問題核心: 一般聽歌的人(不是歌迷),會分辨嗎?會有所謂?會堅持真人聲嗎?



【文創工業評論】香港的娛樂生產者 需要考慮的重要問題之一




【文創工業評論】夠膽凝視真實 這是香港電影新一浪