[Event Review] DCC 6.0:Emigration from Facebook and the Rise of Writer-Rewarded Contents / 「數碼社區聚腳點」6.0:從臉書外移潮到寫手有賞內容之崛起

Nov 27, 2017
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DCC 6.0Emigration from Facebook and the Rise of Writer-Rewarded Contents


Speaker Ko Kin

Kin Ko  高重建

Co-founder, LikeCoin and Lakoo

LikeCoin創辦人、拉闊遊戲 創辦人

Kin KO is the Co-founder of LikeCoin, the social currency for user generated contents. Prior to LikeCoin, Kin cofounded Lakoo, a mobile game developer since 1999, backed by Tencent and Sequoia Capital.

Kin graduated from New Asia Colleague of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997, with major in Computer Engineering and minor in Sociology and General And Public Administration.


** Moving contents away from Facebook??

** Getting paid for content???

KO Kin is a veteran mobile game developer with more than 20 years in the business. Lakoo which he founded pioneered canto-game contents with Cantonese culture imbedded into the game. Tencent and Sequoia Capital later injected capital into the company which allowed for the expansion of its gaming development. In 2009, Lakoo launched the online game “Empire Online” in China with registered users rapidly exceeding 5 million. It has not only become the most popular mobile online game, but the highest paid mobile game on Tencent QQ platform.

Facebook has the world largest user-base in social media, the dominance has become increasingly overbearing, the users are providing contents for the platform without ever receiving any money from Facebook. Due to this very reason, KO Kin founded LikeCoin, users can generate income by publishing articles on the platform, the more the content are views, the more they get paid.

**  唔好再用臉書??

**  發表內容有收入???

高重建是資深手機遊戲開發員,入行已經超過20年。由他創辦的拉闊遊戲 (Lakoo),開闢出帶粵語文化色彩的canto-game,其後得到 騰訊 及 Sequoia Capital 注資,擴展其遊戲國度2009年,拉闊在國內推出手機網絡遊戲《帝國Online》,註冊用戶迅速超過五百萬不但成為最受歡迎的手機網遊,更成為騰訊QQ平台上收入最高的手機客戶端遊戲

Facebook 為全球最多用戶的社交媒體,其態度亦變得日漸霸道,用戶在Facebook 內發表文章,根本就是為Facebook免費提供內容,但用戶連一點一滴的收益也沒有。高重建為此創辦LikeCoin,用戶可在平台上發表文章,內容瀏覽量愈多代表增值愈高,從而轉為個人收入

Date / 日期:Nov 27, 2017 (Mon) / 2017年11月27 (一)

Time / 時間:7:00pm – 9:30pm

Venue / 地點: Playground, 4A Lee King Bldg, 12 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong / 新蒲崗 五芳街12號 利景大廈4A室 PlayGround

Language / 語言:Cantonese / 廣東話

Q&A / 問答環節: English, Cantonese, Mandarin / 英文、廣東話、國語



This time, DCC is partnering with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). DCC 6.0 is a dialogue event in the discussion of combining digital media and traditional media in modern communications. The use of digital media to engage with their respective communities and the public will enable and facilitate further development of digital communities to empowers managers, citizens and members of various communities.

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