JCI 商業學院 Business Academy

Aug 14, 2015
Jeffrey Chung

In 2015, Incu-Lab was ‘Program Support’ for JCI Business Academy from August 14 to 16. We helped organizing 5 capacity building activities for dozens of enthusiastic startup members and budding entrepreneurs.

As an incubator, Incu-Lab exchanged ideas with the participants of the JCI Businesss Academy and a lot of new companies and successful entrepreneurs in a lively atmosphere, to help them enter the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. With case study approach, we arranged Idea Generation Exercise to inspiring participants in becoming successful and innovative entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

Let’s work together to contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and help more entrepreneurs and new venture succeed!

2015年8月14日至16日,Incu-Lab創格工房成為Junior Chamber International 商業學院的計劃支持機構,策劃內容,一連三天協助JCI為十多名熱情的初創團隊成員和嶄露頭角的創業家舉辦五場能力建構活動 。

作為培育者,Incu-Lab與眾多新創公司和成功的創業者來與青年商會的學員交流,氣氛熱烈,讓青商學員能參與進入創新和創業的世界。當中,我們還安排了Idea Generation Exercise為有志創業的朋友作培訓,以case study方式讓大家成為創業家,一起為香港的創新創業想方設法。


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Aug 14 – AM

On Aug 14 morning, Jeffrey Chung of Incu-Lab was invited to be facilitator for a ‘design x entrepreneurship’ talk, held as a part of JCI Business Academy.


From left to right: 1. Jeffrey Chung, Organization Development Manager, Incu-Lab; 2. Tommy Li, Designer & Creative Director, Tommy Li Design Workshop; 3. Prudence Mak, Founder of Chocolate Rain


The talk featured Tommy Li, the globally renowned HK designer / retail brand consultant, and Prudence Mak, Founder of Chocolate Rain.


Tommy and Prudence shared their insight and experience in entering and succeeding in the difficult design industry in Hong Kong. The audience were completely charmed by Tommy’s insightful tips and witty humour!


Aug 14 – PM

On Aug 14 afternoon, George Cautherley of Incu-Lab, Jimmy Chiang of Invest HK and Ada Wong of Good Lab shared about entrepreneurship experience and innovation condition in Hong Kong, as part of JCI Business Academy event.


What a great opportunity to meet and dialogue with our old and new friends!


Aug 15

We got our related startups, such as Around, MVP Sailor, Collaction, Joy Sprouts, Pelago, Roadside, etc. to dialogue with enthusiastic participants in a business matching format.

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What an inspiring afternoon indeed!

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Aug 16 – AM

Incu-Lab was organizing an idea generation exercise at JCI Business Academy in which our incubatee HKGoodJobs is the case study on the third day.


Pitching Team同HKGoodJobs BD Director Tonio傾緊計。 Incu-Lab 的Jeff認為:「其實呢啲idea generation exercise好有意思,讓參加者有真case做case study, 促進思考,很有用。同時,嗰case能夠得到不同專業背景的人的分析和建議,好有用。」


The audience pitched their ideas in teams on how to scale up HKGoodJobs. Also, they briefly reflected and summarized what they have learned throughout the JCI Business Academy, including an analysis of the startup and innovation ecosystem in HK.


Aug 16 – PM

Incu-Lab brought its related startups to have a delightful discussion with Nicholas Young (Innovation and Technology advisory committee) in the panel discussion of JCI Business Academy.


We talked about a number of issues and challenges Hong Kong startup ecosystem is currently facing, such as Uber, how to find the first customer and how to incubate the creativity of Hong Kong people.


For more information, please http://www.jcihkbusinessacademy.com