Best .hk Website Awards 2014

Jan 02, 2015



HKIRC is introducing the “Best .hk Website Awards” (the Awards), formerly known as the “Top10 .hk Website Competition”. The Awards allow more outstanding .hk websites in different sectors to be awarded, recognising the remarkable achievements of all winners in the local Internet community.

The Awards are divided into four streams covering both the private and public sectors, allowing a platform for businesses, organisations, the Government and local entities to share their best practices for .hk website development. The outstanding websites serve as examples for promoting the proper use of Internet and related technologies, showing their contribution and effort in achieving service excellence and meeting business and social needs via the Internet.

This year, in response to the trend of increased public participation, a new “Most Liked .hk Website” award has been created. This serves as a special mention for the .hk website that receives the most votes cast online. In addition, to appreciate the Gold winners who have consistently achieved the best results for three consecutive years, “The Most Honorable Award” will be given. Security features will be covered in the initial screening process to promote a safe Internet environment.


  • Encourage the use of good practices and design in website development to increase competitiveness and maximise the benefits brought by the Internet to society
  • Recognise excellence of using technology and .hk and .香港 domain names to develop outstanding websites
  • Cultivate the spirit of best practice sharing of .hk and .香港 website design and development across the community

Winners will be entitled to receive the following prizes#︰

Stream Award Prize
A: Commercial Best .hk Commercial Website Award (with less than 100 employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze) Trophies or certificates, and cash HK$5,000 – HK$15,000
Best .hk Commercial Website Award
(with 100 or more employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)
Trophies or certificates
B: Non-commercial Best .hk Non-commercial Website Award
(with less than 100 employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)
Trophies or certificates, and cash HK$5,000 – HK$15,000
Best .hk Non-commercial Website Award
(with 100 or more employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)
Trophies or certificates, and cash HK$5,000 – HK$15,000
C: Government Departments Best .hk Government Website Award
(Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)
Trophies or certificates
D: LegCo Members Best .hk LegCo Members Website Award
(Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)
Trophies or certificates

#Winners of other relevant awards such as The Most Honorable Award, Most Liked .hk Website Award, The Best Nominator Award, etc. will receive trophies only. Number of awards of all 4 streams to be confirmed.


Judging Criteria

  • 30% – Overall design and functionality (e.g. good design and ease of navigation, etc)
  • 30% – Engagement (e.g. online game, etc)
  • 20% – Use of Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • 20% – Accessibility (e.g. “Web Care” elements, catering for the needs of the disabled, elderly, etc)


Official call for entries 20 Nov 2014 – 15 Jan 2015
(Initial Assessment Start: 2 Jan 2015)
Public Voting 04 Feb 2015 – 24 Feb 2015
Assessment by the Panel of Judges 27 Feb 2015 – 12 Mar 2015
(Final Presentations by shortlisted winners if required 23 – 31 March 2015)
Individual Result Notification 31 Mar 2015 – 1 Apr 2015
Award Presentation Ceremony 22 April 2015 (TBC)


Online Entry submission or Download Entry Form

(All submitted information should be in typewriting in English or Chinese)

Deadline for entries: 15.01.2015(Thursday at 12:00pm)


Contact person: Carmen Ip
Tel: 2319 2303
Fax: 2319 2626
Website: /


– Staff members of HKIRC, HKIRC Board members, Consultative and Advisory Panel; HKIRC-accredited registrars, service partners, sponsors, support organisations and partners, judges, judging criteria advisory panel, vendors and related affiliates involved are not eligible to enter the Awards.

– “Non-commercial” stream means NGOs, eligible schools and charitable organisations, etc. HKIRC reserves the rights to reallocate a submission to the most appropriate stream if needed.

– The winning entries of Gold/ Silver/ Bronze awards in previous years are allowed to enter the Awards again. However, they have to state the significant changes or enhancements for the entries this year.

– Winner(s) who receives the “The Most Honorable Award” is not allowed to enter the Awards again next year.

– HKIRC reserves the right to make the final decision on any matters about the Awards program.

[Incu-Lab is one of the supporting organizations]